Business Process Improvement Support & Training

Management of and quick access to organizational IT systems and data is the core of every business. Our skilled business process analysts work with you to find opportunities to improve service delivery to your users and customers. We can help your organization assess and improve existing processes and develop new methods to help you discover efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Our areas of expertise include:

Objective Assessments

Automating routine processes and workflows delivers quantifiable value to your bottom line. Our team works with your staff to identify opportunities for process improvement and provide expert advice to apply IT-based streamlining solutions to create efficiencies.

  • Workflow Mapping, Improvement and Automation

  • Opportunity Assessment

Service Management/ITIL

We can help you work on enhance your organization’s internal IT customer service. We offer advisory services to map, assess, and improve service delivery to your users and customers and can also provide training and certification in ITIL.

  • Assessments 

  • Implementation Services

  • Management Workshops

  • Employee Workshops

  • Accredited ITIL Training

  • Accredited ITIL Certification

Change Management Preparation & Training

Successful change requires adopting new ways of doing things. We create and conduct educational curriculum to prepare your staff to learn and embrace new ways to work.

  • Improvement Planning and Management

  • Process Workshops

  • Digital Transformation Workshops

  • Training Planning and Delivery

Architecture, Implementation & Maintenance

Whether you need our experts on site or providing remote support, we specialize in these platforms and services:

  • ServiceNow

  • Salesforce

  • Process Management/ ITIL

  • Interim Management

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